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ISBN#: 9781613330968
October 2011
Decadent Publishing, LLC
E Book
242 pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Casey Martinez seems to have it all: a life she’s created for herself in Yonkers, where she churns out her romance novels to the approval of most of the world, and a new name. But her past is not far behind. Someone is stalking her and murdering women who look like her. They leave behind torn copies of her latest novel and ripped Bible pages, suggesting disapproval of the romantic scenes she sketches. The FBI decides to move her to a safer location. She returns to her original hometown in Texas, thinking she can hide and still live as she has.

Scott Weller, a local police officer, is assigned to keep her safe while the murderer is hunted down. Scott seems like a reasonable romantic hero, but is flawed by temper. Most of the characters in this book have tempers, which leads to many confrontations. The most unlikely one is Scott getting a punch in the jaw from a surgeon who had previously saved his best friend’s life. The only cool dude is the murderer.

Casey becomes more afraid and Scott more protective, but who can they trust: her brother Alex, the surgeon? Her former lover and fiancé, Tony? Her agent, a little ambitious woman named Jo? Casey and Scott become lovers, but misunderstand each other’s motives. She’s insecure, he’s insecure. Otherwise, she’s not as afraid as she might be, thinking she can take care of herself. Scott wants her to be cautious. She seems oblivious to violence while living in her hometown. Yet this is where her mother was murdered while she and her brother hid in the closet.

There are a lot of inconsistent character behaviors in this suspenseful novel. Plot twists come in bunches. Romance is incongruous at times when comfort would seem more appropriate. A hero shouldn’t drink himself into oblivion just because he didn’t get the girl—or did he? The book is a page-turner and the description of the Texas’ Gulf Coast shows imagination. But this reviewer, like every character in this book, must lift an eyebrow and wonder.

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