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ASIN: B004W9BXYM (Amazon); ISBN on Lulu: 978-1-257-56786-7
April, 2011
Self published
$0.99 /$10.04
291 Pages
Women's fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

April Sullivan-LaMonica has had a life of losses; first her father when she was five, then her husband and young son were killed in an accident, and now her mother is being consumed by a horrific disease. Alzheimer’s is taking her mother’s memories from her. And to top it all off, a woman who is a famous broadcast journalist is claiming to be her half-sister.

Maggie Prescott is an award winning broadcast journalist who has spent her whole life wondering why her birth mother gave her away. After years, she thinks she will finally get the chance to know by meeting her mother, only her mother is a victim of Alzheimer’s and can barely function on her own let alone give Maggie the answers she is looking for.

Both April and Maggie a set a course through this section of their lives and must deal with the demons from their past to learn to forgive themselves, as well as others, before they can move forward in their lives. Hopefully with a new family relationship, new romances, and a new sense of forgiveness and acceptance of the past.

What an emotional roller coaster Ms. Bradley sends the reader on with her stories about Maggie and April and all those that surround them as a part of the picture their lives. Told from a few different points of view, Forgetten April gives you that much more of a chance to see the situation each character goes through from their own point of view, as well as the view from afar which results in a storyline that flows smoothly and is highly entertaining. This reviewer says add this to your bookshelf today.

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