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ISBN#: 9780263877601 Paperback / 9781408918548 eBook
December 2009 UK / April 2010 USA
Mills & Boon, Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited
Paperback / eBook
£3.19 UK / Unavailable USA
185 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Carys Wells is beginning to think she is hallucinating. She keeps spotting a familiar face in the hotel crowd, but that must be impossible.

Alessandro Mattani has no memory of certain events, from right before his car accident up until he woke up in the hospital months later. But when he spots a woman’s face on a brochure, there is such an intense feeling of knowing her that he immediately sets out to find the mystery woman.

Seeing the man who tore her heart out, Carys thinks he is there to take away the one precious item she took from their passionate affair. Instead, he looks at her as if she is a total stranger and not like the lover she once was. When she hears how he has amnesia, Carys feels sympathy for him but is terrified he will remember their child, the one he did not want. Alessandro decides that the mother of his child is after one thing only, his money, and he goes out of his way to prove it in an unconventional way.

Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child is a great story. Carys is a woman struggling to make it on her own, not only as a single mother but as a person with a disability that at times makes things harder for her. Alessandro is raised in a home with the knowledge his own mother did not want him, instead threw him away for another life. Both have past scars from each other as well as from family members. Once again Annie West has told a story full of intrigue, suspense, sensuality, and a storyline that is very compelling and realistic.

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