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ISBN# 1-933874-68-6
June 16, 2006
Triskelion Publishing
65 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rhonda Dumont has the upper hand when it comes to tracking inside information in the corporate world. It is her best operative along with playing the stock market.

Tony Gregg was lucky to meet Rhonda six years ago and after going into business together; he still has the hots for her.

Brad Wilton is a dangerous man and plans to take Rhonda as his own personal property.

Rhonda and Tony have a business where they take advantage of insider trading information but do not hurt or damage any company involved. When a business deal comes up concerning Brad, a person who destroys companies, Rhonda is all set to learn his secrets. Besides, it has been thirteen years and she is ready to form her revenge against him. Brad was the one who traumatized her years ago by trying to rape her and she is determined to see that he is financially ruined. She and Tony battle their true feelings for each other. Tony realizes that Rhonda needs to sever the ties with the destructive elements of her life. But will Brad get to her first?

For Love or Money is story about a woman who seeks to put a terrible past to rest, to erase from her memory and go on with her life. Rhonda’s emotions rise from the pages as she recalls her hurtful past and the revenge consumes her. Tony is strong in his actions as he tries to protect her. Ms. Gentry pens an absorbing read that carries the reader into many lives throughout this book as each one tries to face their destiny and take control while showing that throughout everything, love can conquer all with promising results. Ms. Gentry creates one hot flaming read that practically ignites the pages.

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