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ISBN: 9780615973401 / ASIN: B00FSWN0JI
October 9 2013
TouchPoint Press
$12.97 / $4.99
320 pages
Contemporary, Christian, Romantic Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Madison Leigh is a beauty, inside and out. She works hard at law school and has a date that she sees is going nowhere. Her new interest is in an envelope they stumbled upon the last day they dated. It seems to offer more mental stimulation than Jeremy, her soon to be ex-date. What she has stumbled upon is a famous case that is not yet solved. She does not expect to be watched for most of the time at a crime scene by an FBI Agent who might have more than a curiosity about her.

FBI Agent Court Braxton is very happy he has gotten to see the sunny side of a beauty who is taking a walk with some guy around Chapel Hill, as he is working on an investigation. He is not comfortable seeing her tampering with possible evidence for his crime scene. He does not mind following the woman who instantly interested him. He decides to see what she plans to do with the evidence she has taken from the residence of a lady who was hung by rope at her home.

Madison is intrigued when she comes face to face with Court. She has just gotten rid of Jeremy and expects him to be at the door. She tries to prepare herself for the worst, but there is a nice surprise on the other end. There is an instant spark and chemistry between these two that have Madison questioning if this guy even notices her. She does not expect to see him again, but she thought he would fall for the lies she gave when she decided to take the envelope she found addressed to someone at a house she stopped at to get out of the rain. Has she run into a storm? She wants answers. The FBI is calling her in to see her face-to-face. They are not happy with her intruding on their territory. And she may need to get her silly fantasies about Court out of her mind as she is possibly headed for trouble.

What a swing of events. This novel is more upbeat than most mystery novels. Madison is very feisty and caring, yet positive. She is a dreamer, yet she knows how to get facts straight. She does not need a team of people to find answers and after the FBI meeting, she even surprises Court. The subtlety of a glimmer of hope is very refreshing to read as Madison starts encountering feelings she likes in a man. This is a great contrast to what she and Jeremy had going on. Madison's family adds the right balance to the story as well as all the coworkers in the novel. This story is sweet, dangerous, subtle, yet to the point. The plot thickens as times goes by, and I like it because it is something clean, conservative, and with morals that can be read with hope. You end it with a smile. This book gets 5 Cups for being original and having class!

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