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e-book: ISBN: 978-0-7599-4742-9
August 2011
Hardshell Word Factory, an imprint of Mundania Press
E-book $ 4.99
195 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Art Murry, a hard driving slightly psychic cop, is called into a LAPD task force to solve a murder case so heinous it’s obviously part of a serial killer’s MO. The fifth victim, a raped and murdered woman psychic, is spread-eagled to the floor with ice picks, like a butterfly on display. The ice picks are hand crafted and ornate—all but one. The polished wooden floors are perfect places for the killer to hammer his victims with his weapons. The villain gains the name Ice Pick.

Billy Kidman, Art’s new partner, watches with doubt while Murry spins his magic, yet is always one step behind the killer. Mary Éclair is Murry’s girlfriend and the medical examiner. Lance Murry, Art’s twin brother, is the exact opposite of Murry, the abrasive cop. He’s gentle and artistic—and chubby. Lance’s opera singing career plays through this story with subtle charm.

Despite Murry’s deductive skills and his flashes of precognition, the killer eludes him. At first he doesn’t realize the killer is right under his nose. Later as he begins to piece the scenario together, he’s kicking himself for his ignorance, although the obvious is not obvious to a straight shooter like Murry. The pieces fall into place in front of him as they do for the reader, leaving the big aha moments to speed up the action.

The mystery is perfectly paced, logical and psychologically plausible. An excellent read, there are no loose ends. This reviewer felt Ms. Crawford was totally in control of the story. The sentence structure was excellent and worthy of Greg Isles or Harlan Coben. Mystery fans will hate to see the novel end. (Maybe we will encounter Murry and Company again?)

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