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ISBN: 9780425236697
October 2010
Berkley Heat, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
$15.00-USA/ $18.50-CAN
346 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Pillow Talk

Zoe loves to explore her fantasies with her boyfriend Chase. When she finds out one of his fantasies is to have her strip in front of his friends, she sets up a birthday surprise he will never forget.

Chase is thrilled when his fantasy comes alive and begins to think about what Zoe wants fulfilled. Bringing two men he trusts into their bed is the fantasy she aches to have satisfied.

Brody is one of the men whom Zoe has fantasized about. He has been in love with Zoe for a long time.

Tate is another man who has feelings for the sexy woman. If it were not for his friendship with Chase, he would go after her in a heartbeat.

Brody and Tate are thrilled to be able to get the chance to explore Zoe’s body, fantasizing about her every time they heard her scream her pleasure when she was with Chase. After a night of no-holds-barred sex between the four of them, they all begin to realize how much they wanted the fantasy to play out. But things begin to change for the worse when Chase takes fantasy a step too far. Can things be resolved or will it bring an end to their four-way relationship and shatter some hearts in the process?

Maya Banks is a spectacular author and this tale is a sensational example of her exemplary writing. The thought of fantasies coming to life is one hot commodity and electrifies this steamy story. I love how Brody and Tate begin to live out the fantasy in such a hesitant way only to go on a roller coaster ride of passion as their emotions and hearts become involved. Zoe’s character is beautifully written as she struggles with her new feelings for Brody and Tate and yet somehow she finds the courage to open up to Chase about any problems she feels she has caused. Add in Chase’s confident personality and open-minded feelings toward the four of them and you cannot help but fall in love with this tale.

Her Fantasy Men

Kelsey is confused and not sure what to do. She loves and wants all three of her best friends but only plays out the fantasy at night in the dark with her toys.

Jeremy is her boss and a dominant. Every time he orders her around, she gets excited and thinks about all the ways he could dominate her.

Tucker has been friends with Kelsey since they were four years old. But he wants way more from her than just friendship.

Rhys is her neighbor. Whenever she sees him, she thinks of all the wicked things he could do to her.

Everything comes to a head when Rhys makes a move. But what starts out as a night of passion soon becomes more complicated as Jeremy and Tucker become involved sexually and emotionally with her as well. When they find out about each other, things go from bad to worse. Can they resolve their anger issues and jealousy before Kelsey does something in desperation to stop them from hating one another and hurting her more than they already have?

What a hot read this was! I love how complex Ms. Black has made this story. The way Kelsey struggles emotionally with her feelings for all three of the men and thinking she was abnormal for her desires. This gives the tale a realistic feel as most people would have felt overwhelmed. The sexy scenes are highly erotic and leave you panting for more.

Four Play is a sexy book by two outstanding authors. The stories are linked through sex with three men and one woman in each story. Each one shows the struggles and desires that each character has as they come to terms with how their relationship changed through sex with multiple partners. Each author shows tremendous talent as they explore their tales with lush words and vivid erotic scenarios. Whether a fan of Shayla Black, Maya Banks, or erotica you will love this hot novel!

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