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April 2011
Reagent Press
378 KB
Mystery, Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Erich Goering has been training his entire life to become the Fourth Reich. As the grand-nephew of Hermann Goering, Erich and his friends, also descendants of members of Hitler’s closest advisers, have been raised to believe they will bring about the rise of the Fourth Reich, which will become the new world order. Little did they know that it takes more than funds to get to the final outcome.

Celebrating a ten-year reunion of saving Jack Shepherd’s career after a case of mistaken identity, Jack treats his family and friends to a cruise. How were they to know that fun in the sun could lead to stopping a nuclear attack and saving the world?

For years the descendants of Hitler’s inner circle have been working to engineer the rise of the Fourth Reich. The key to their success is to embroil the United States and the Islamic countries in a major conflict, which would eventually spread throughout the world. Once the world is in chaos Aryan dominance can be established.

I will admit this is not my usual book. I have never read a Jack Shepherd story, nor do I usually read about Third or Fourth Reich stuff. But I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. This is an interesting story that gives a large amount of detail in a way that never lost my interest. I was able to follow the train of events without trouble and without too much anger. The overall message was great and something I could really get behind. So, although this is not my normal kind of book, I am really glad I read it.

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