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One Week Girlfriend
Book 1: One Week Girlfriend
Book 2: Second Chance Boyfriend
Book 3: Three Broken Promises
Novella: Drew + Fable Forever
Book 4: Four Years Later

One Week Girlfriend, Book 4
ISBN#: 9780804176828
4 March 2014
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Owen figures his life is pretty much over. His crappy grades cause him to get suspended from the football team, and he is forced to cut back his hours at work. Worse, the real reason Owen needs the money so badly is that his junkie mother keeps coming around demanding he give it to her. Now the coach and his older sister have set him up with a tutor to get him back on track.

Between tutoring and working at the diner, Chelsea is as pinched for time as she is cash. Chelsea is pretty sure Owen will be like every other entitled athlete she has ever tutored before. At first glance he is nothing but a womanizer who does not even care about his grades. So why is she having such a tough time keeping him out of her daydreams?

Owen cannot understand his fascination with Chelsea. From the moment they meet he is swept off his feet. She is everything he is not, hardworking, smart, and dedicated. Still, Owen knows deep down that Chelsea craves the love he wants so badly to give her.

Monica Murphy has created a wonderful conclusion to her series. This is a story of two broken souls. Owen and Chelsea both have troubled families with real and compelling issues. Readers will begin by being sucked into the push pull dynamics and end up rooting for the unlikely lovers to overcome the odds.

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