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ISBN# 1-59080-472-4
June 2006
Echelon Press
E-Book / Print
$5.85 /$13.00
282 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Dr. Benita Kyser, Beni, lives a geologist's dream. But just when she thinks everything is going great, she finds herself in the middle of frightening mishaps, completely powerless, with no communication with the outside world.

Sean Turner, private investigator, has been sent to Sardinia to meet with a Dr. Ben Kyser, guard the precious minerals, and then safely return them to the United States. Imagine his surprise when he learns the doctor is really a woman.

Beni and her geologic team are excited with the minerals they have uncovered in Italy, but someone is out to ruin the expedition and create havoc on Beni. After Sean arrives and informs Beni his reason for being there, he sees many mishaps, with Beni often the target. Beni knows there is something amiss in the camp. Sean understands the need to find out who is behind the threats and even though the Americans are friends with her, he questions their loyalty. Someone wants Beni badly and will do anything to claim her. Now it is up to Sean to protect her and expose the perpetrator.

Fractured Souls is a story that keeps the reader guessing until the end. Just when I thought I had figured out the perpetrator, bingo! I was foiled again. The plot is well crafted, the writing sharp, and the electrically-charged characters make this one hair-raising read. Benita is caught up in many perils when the culprit gets close to striking and, with the help of Sean, these two people really shine. This is my first book by Ms. Ridgell, but it promises not to be my last. She gives a great vivid description that leads to great portrayal with all her attention-grabbing characters and sprinkles them with exactly the right elements to keep this page-turner action-packed until the predator is exposed.

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