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Mystic Danger Series
Book 1: The Mark of Cain
Book 2: From the Ashes

Mystic Danger Series, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-60735-289-1
April 2011
Resplendence Publishing
55 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shape Shifter, Multi-cultural, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

The number of people who truly know Jake O’Reilly are few and far between, and it is imperative that it stay that way. There is no way a white man from Las Vegas could begin to understand, but Jake fears that this man is no ordinary stranger.

The visions since his transplant are coming faster and with more clarity the closer Rance Clarke gets to his destination. What he is completely unsure of is what he needs to do once he gets there.

Cold, wet, and completely disoriented, Rance stumbles onto Jake’s boat and into the most bizarre and sensual episode of his life. Jake is the man he was meant to find, but their brief sexual encounter is quickly overshadowed by Rance’s need to complete his quest. His cornea transplant gave him memories of the donor, and the immediate need to right a terrible wrong, and Jake is integral in making that all happen. Jake is stunned and angered by Rance’s intimate knowledge of his family, but he is also totally enthralled by the man himself, and for the first time ever, he wants to explore those feelings.

A mystery wrapped in secrets and shrouded in native lore makes this story as appealing as it is confounding. It makes me want to delve deep in the heart of both of these characters and know their every thought and feeling. This is such an enigmatic plot that I cannot wait to read more. Jake and Rance will certainly whet your appetite and get that heart rate to soar sky high.

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