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ISBN# 978-1-5092-0473-1
November 2015
The Wild Rose Press
124 pages
Holiday Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Katrina Snodgrass, a manager of a florist shop, is also a self-professed reformed bad girl since her life was upended last year. She had lost the tree decorating competition for the first time in years and her father had skipped town with her trust fund. She resolved to become a nicer person, win this year’s Christmas decorating contest, and win back her former boyfriend Tripp. Once she does this, everything should go back to what it was ... right?

Hunter Montgomery has invented a new Christmas decoration; a Hollygram, and has been talked into showing it to Katrina for use in this year’s competition. At first they have a faulty start, but eventually things work out and she agrees to use them. After he learns of her plans for Tripp, he suggests making him jealous to better her chances. First impressions leave him not liking Katrina, but having to work closely with her has him rethinking them.

While working out the kinks to the Hollygram, they get to know each other better. Katrina finds herself following Hunter’s advice to win Tripp’s attention and finds that it is not all she had expected. An unforeseen decision concerning the tree decorating competition has Katrina really testing her resolve and having to decide on what will truly make her happy. Does she continue to try to recapture the past, or look towards the future and new things?

This was a nice, heartwarming Christmas themed story that was also cute, had a cast of likable characters, and a small-town setting. Despite the holiday theme, one I have not read much, I did like reading about Katrina’s struggle with being a reformed bad girl and commitment to become a better person. Hunter was a nice incentive for Katrina to pick the choice of taking a leap of faith and to try new things. Even though there is a story set before this one, this story easily stands-alone.

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