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ISBN#: 978-1-60370-700-8, 1-60370-700-X
July 8, 2009
Top Shelf, an Imprint of Torquere Press Publishers
254 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance/Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

The Law of the Jungle

As far as Marco is concerned, the open ocean is just that, open to all, and he has made it his sworn duty to rid the oceans of the majesty’s elite who think they own the ocean and everyone on it.

Sheer terror is screaming through every hair on Abrigo’s body. This place and these people are so foreign to him; his only thought is to run as far and as fast as his four legs will carry him.

Finding a caged wild animal in his captain’s quarters, Marco finally understands what has been twittering through his crew all day. They thought to give him a good scare, and themselves a hardy laugh, but looking into the jewel like eyes of the cat, Marco sees much more than a wild animal. The shift from cat to man is the only way for Abrigo to escape, but when Marco sees the unbelievable transformation, his shock leads way to a desire that leaves them both breathless and panting for more.

Grace and power can define almost any cat, but when you add in heart stuttering passion you have a love story unlike any other.

Snake Oil

It feels like a lifetime since Haskell ran wild, but losing his mate to a hunter forced him out of the wild and into the world of men.

Darkness shrouds Truett’s every thought, and not even unconsciousness brings relief from the terrifying nightmare of his existence.

That smell cannot be real, but Haskell has no choice but to find its source, and when he does, his heart soars and breaks at the same time. His beautiful and strong mate lies in a cage seemingly near death, and kept by a madman for his freak show. However, the fact that Truett is still alive is the only incentive Haskell needs to get his mate back now and forever.

This story is fraught with searing pain and unbridled joy. To lose a loved one, and then find them subject to torture and ridicule is truly a heart-wrenching tale for Haskell and his mate.

The Lost Tiger

Escape and survival pushes Torao into the city of man. He must find food and shelter, and then he will run so far the Keeper will never find him again.

Greyson Jones cannot deny he has an affinity for strays. It is just in his nature to want to help the helpless and downtrodden.

It is purely by accident that Grey comes across the hiding spot that Torao found for himself in a dark and dirty alley, but leaving the young man there is unacceptable. Grey takes Torao home to feed him and get him some first aid care, but waking up to find a terrifyingly beautiful black and white tiger in his home is not what he had in mind. Torao convinces Grey that he is not going to harm him by shifting back into his man form, and despite his fear, Grey’s budding feelings for the young man blossom and grow.

Torao is such an innocent, with a naiveté that really makes you fear for him. However it is that sweet sensuality of two men discovering love and trust despite their differences and the threat of discovery that is so lovingly portrayed.


This is his home, one that Cage fought tooth and nail to keep, and he is not about to give it up to some beefed up alpha with attitude.

If some little whelp thinks that he is going to invade his home, Roman has news for him. He built this home from the bottom up, and no cub is going to keep him out.

The cub has guts, Roman will give him that, but no amount of bravado will stop him from taking back what is his. Exhaustion has them both panting and trembling, so Roman makes the decision to accept the cub in his home, and work their differences out later. When they both come to, Roman sees what a fighter and scrapper Cage can really be, and it turns him on in an instant. He has been alone long enough.

Pride and dominance intensify every scene between Roman and Cage, but their need for each other and to finally know what it is to be a pack really makes this story stand out.

Sean Michaels is a pro when it comes to balancing a heated love affair with honest and heart felt story lines. His characters are loving, passionate, and red blooded male through and through. The collaboration with BA Tortuga in this collection of steaming hot alpha males is one of pure pleasure for its readers. I certainly hope this is not a one time event, because double headers like this are few and far between.

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