Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781772333275
April 2015
Evernight Publishing
143 Pages
Steampunk, Futuristic, Suspense, Gay, Erotic, Sci-Fi
Rating: 5 Cups

Sterling is the first chrononaught, or so he thinks. Working on a top secret, government sanctioned time traveling experiment is the next best thing to actually going into space for Sterling, but he is about to find out that there is far more going on than he realizes.

Jex lives in the Victorian era and has a secret of his own that when Sterling finds out about it, makes it obvious very quickly that he may not be the first to travel through time.

When Sterling finally makes is first “jaunt” or trip through time, he realizes very quickly that he has been dropped into the time. Shooting for the Great Fire of London, and hoping to film it, he instead winds up in a smelly back alley several decades later than the fire. Sterling may take it in stride but when on his scouting he runs into an attractive blond that also does not appear to belong to the era, he begins to get suspicious. When the blond in question also spots him and comes to a similar conclusion and starts to try and get away from Sterling, Sterling gives chase, only to find himself back in the alley he arrived in where he is quickly recalled home. After the first successful jaunt, there are more jaunts and during each one he meets the mysterious blond named Jex. The two men quickly form a bond, and it is not long before Sterling finds he will do anything to protect the man who his superiors are becoming decidedly too curious about. Will Sterling be able to protect the man he has come to love, or will evil forces far more prevalent than he ever realized, prevent him from doing so?

Wow! I have to say of all of Pelaam’s books that I have read this is my favorite! It has every element that I could ever want all rolled up in just a fantastic story! Time travel, check, two hot men falling in love, check, truly awful bad guys, check, great story line, check, and finally hot m/m sex double, no triple check. The world building is fantastic, and I loved the descriptions of the other times. This has become one of my all time favorite stories that I know I will be reading again and again!

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