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ISBN#: 9781905091218
Logical-Lust Publications
208 Pages
Erotica/ science fiction, fantasy, horror/ Speculative Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Circus! Circus!

She wanted more than just the normal entertainment, so the ringmaster gave it to her.

I did not understand what this story was supposed to be about, and I did not find it interesting at all.

Event Horizon

He was in the restaurant for one last piece of action before the space station was destroyed like all the other planets in the galaxy.

Shiva offers the man a chance of a lifetime.

Together they will explore each other in sensual ways. It will lead them into a whole new adventure.

If the world was going to end, maybe it would signify the need to copulate even as we faced our own death. It leaves the reader wondering what they would do if it were to happen to them. I could definitely think of worse things to do than have sex as my planet was destroyed.

The Voting Booth

Selma Marie Shoop is nervous about picking the correct presidential candidate for the election.

Ahnold Schwartzenator is just one of the nineteen potentials looking to be the next president.

Being naked within the voting booth is bad enough but the bad sex, pleading, and lecturing leaves Selma wondering if anyone will satisfy her craving for a good candidate. Finally, the last man comes barreling in, and in a forceful tone does something that none of the others have done for her.

This was a great story! I love the humor within this tale along with the interesting voting experience. How uniquely wonderful it was.

The Messenger

Gabriel must deliver a message to a young maiden, one that may change the fate of the world as we know it.

Lucifer may not be able to tempt the young virgin, but he spots another much more susceptible target.

Gabriel knows Satan is using his own lust and love against him to tempt him from his mission. He must fight his feelings or ruin the young woman’s destiny, bringing about a horrific change for the worse. Can Satan lure Gabriel into doing something he may regret?

The story of good versus evil has been around for ages. This has a unique twist that makes it all the more entertaining. Nicely done.

A Fish Tale

Marnie feels incomplete and unworthy. Her ex-girlfriend has left her after tearing down her self-confidence.

Salty Sal is a mermaid. She prefers to be called mer-gal as she has been around the block too many times to be considered a maid.

Sal has some things to teach Marnie, including the fact that just because she is in a wheelchair does not mean she cannot still experience life. Exploring the sea is just the beginning for these two. When the day is over, Marnie will discover that Sal has given her more than she could ever dream possible.

I loved this tale! The emotional upheaval that Marnie’s ex-girlfriend caused with her vicious words shows realistic sensitivity in Marnie. I feel that Sal’s abrasive manner is perfect when handling the emotional woman. This was a fantastic story.


He loves his lover, especially when she is encased in black leather and being forceful.

She is called goddess and is cruel to the point of pain.

When he realizes she is a fraud, he vows to conquer her. When he does, he will make another his goddess, one who is perfect in his eyes.

This story was strange. It reminded me of Frankenstein, but the character within this story was much creepier and more insane than a mad scientist. I did not enjoy this story very much.

The Water Babies

People thought that Mariel had almost drowned, but she knew the truth.

Dylan and Bryce are lovers that live in the sea.

Now that Mariel has supposedly tried to kill herself, her husband keeps her medicated and the windows locked tight. But when she sees Dylan and Bryce on the beach one night entwined in each others’ arms, she joins them. It will not be long though before disaster strikes, leaving Mariel wishing to be free once and for all.

This was a sad story. I loved the adventure and mystery surrounding the tale. Dylan and Bryce made it all the hotter with their carnal escapades.

He Who Plants a Tree

Garth has bought a new place and decides to cut down the trees and plants surrounding his house.

The dryad is furious with what the new homeowner has done and decides to let his unhappiness show.

Day after day, the dryad makes Garth find it a spot to feel the sun and grow. Eventually the dryad wants to be fertilized and seduces Garth. Come spring, new plants will begin to sprout thanks to the dryad and Garth.

This was a funny tale. I liked how the dryad shows Garth that caring for plants is a good thing. I really enjoyed this story.

To Birdman with Love

Silver Panther is an evil villain plotting the destruction of Super City and only one man can stop him.

Atomic Eagle is the most renowned super hero and always saves the day.

Things go horribly wrong when Reddy, Atomic Eagle’s sidekick, ends up in a public and very compromising position. Silver Panther gets a tip that will drive Atomic Eagle wild with lust. But it is all a plan that is concocted by someone seeking revenge.

This story was hilarious! I love the super hero and villain's names along with their characteristics. What a fabulous tale.


Luna is a tall and thin girl who was born on the moon.

Gaea is a woman born on earth who came to the moon so she could escape the gravity.

Luna has never met anyone like Gaea, and they quickly become lovers. But all too soon, the moon begins to change the luscious woman from earth into someone entirely different.

This tale has a good moral about changing oneself in a realistic way versus having unrealistic goals. I like how Luna cares for the bigger woman and sees her as desirable just the way she is. The ending was a surprise but definitely makes the reader think.

Honey Bee

Deacon has traveled with his wife, seeking help for their troubled marriage.

Florien appears to the man in the maze and explains that he takes care of the flowers.

Florien shows Deacon the many different plants within the maze even as he plots his seduction. Deacon knows he should stay away from the other man, but there is something about the other that calls to him. But when he learns the truth about what Florien really is, it is already too late.

A story that is both sad and beautiful as Deacon struggles within the confines of his loveless marriage. I enjoyed reading this enchanting tale.


Joe Rose spots the alien in the bar and wonders if it is male or female.

Kazen cannot be defined as male or female, it all depends on what cycle it is at.

Joe finally gets up the nerve to ask Kazen what the alien is, only to find out for himself. As they begin to explore each other, their shared memories of past lovers bring a new intensity to their sexual escapade. And as Joe relives some of his painful past, he comes to grip with what has been wrong with his life and learns a valuable lesson that will change him for life.

I loved this story! The sex scenes were amazing, the shared memories were very erotic, and the lesson learned was extraordinary. This tale was just perfect.

Girls Gone Wild

Joe cannot wait to dive into the movie scenes that his friends Harry and Dave have recorded.

Mick likes nothing more than to watch Harry and Dave have women do unbelievably erotic things to them and each other.

There is something different about this movie. It all starts the same, but soon enough Joe and Mick realize there is more to the story. They have always wanted to go on the trips with the two adventurers, but now the adventure is brought to them.

Another fantastic story full of humor and erotic scenarios. The excitement that Joe and Mick feel as they begin to watch the video is palpable. This is a great tale, and I loved reading every moment of it.

The Ice Cream Man Cometh

She wants ice cream to remember and to keep cool.

The ice cream man will give her a discount if he can watch.

When the ice cream becomes an anatomically correct man, she begins to lick her way from neck on down. As she does, she recalls the lazy summer days of shared ice cream as a child. All the while, the ice cream man watches until the very end.

This was a very imaginative story. A man-shaped ice cream to enjoy. A nice tale for sure.

Husbands and Wives

Davy is looking for a bride in the city of Matrimony.

Caroline immediately spots the man sitting at the table, looking a little lost and dejected.

Davy was frightened of all the pawing women as they asked their questions about his teeth and how poor he was. But there is something different about Caroline that calls to him. She has a certain tranquility that soothes his jumpy nerves. When the time comes to make a decision, will she choose him even with his mountain of debt?

This tale broke my heart. This story is so sad as it portrays Davy’s struggle to find the perfect match, even as the women reject him for being so poor. Caroline is so tender with him, making him see what he is truly worth. A wonderful tale.

Future Perfect

Aaron is the test subject and the boy-toy for his Domme.

Nadine is a scientist, an inventor, and she has visions.

While playing with Aaron, Nadine has a vision about a neighbor businessman. She rushes to the convenience store, determined to save the owner. Though she has saved countless others, Aaron is afraid one of these days one of her visions will get her killed.
This is an intense story. The frustration that Aaron feels about Nadine using him for her visions comes through, making the reader sympathize with his character. The twists and turns the tale takes make it that much more enjoyable. What a great read!

The Lonely Farmer

The farmer was lonely but he loved the earth, and she in turn produced for him.

This tale reads more like a short poem. It tells the story of creation between a farmer and the earth.

Future Perfect is an anthology made up of seventeen different tales that vary in their length. They each have their own unique style even though they are all written by Ms. Madden, which makes the novel quite pleasing. From mermaids, ice cream men, husbands with dowries, women who produce visions when they climax, to more eclectic tales, this story will not fail to hit everyone’s sweet spot at least once. While some of the stories are definitely less than stellar, for the most part, these tales are outstanding, interesting, written with a vivid imagination, and will keep the reader entertained for hours. Very nicely done!

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