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Stories featuring Vic and Dan
Book 1: Two Man Advantage
Book 2: Game Misconduct

Sequel to Two Man Advantage
ISBN: 9781419994494
September 23, 2015
Ellora’s Cave
75 Pages
Romance, LGBT, M/M
Rating: 4 Cups

Deep thinking is not something Victor Kalinski does often, which is probably why he is freaking out a little at how close his relationship with Dan is becoming.

Loving a foul-mouthed, often belligerent hockey player is not always easy for Dan Arou, but it certainly is never boring.

The off-season is going along pretty good for Vic and Dan, despite Vic being, well, Vic. What catches them both off-guard is a back-handed slap called a court summons. Vic wracks his brain trying to figure out how this happened, while Dan’s heart sinks knowing he has been played. It does not take Vic long to realize his mistake is not going away, and could easily destroy the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Vic is an unrepentant blow-hard who is terrified to realize he has an inner chick struggling to come alive. Dan, despite being in love with Vic, who really has no filter whatsoever, is a tender-hearted man everyone gets along with. Although he and Vic do a pretty good job of evening each other out, it would take a saint to put up with Vic for very long. There is plenty of sweat, sex, and swearing, but what really makes this work is that tender little spot inside Vic he will vehemently deny to his last breath.

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