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ISBN#: 9781615810628
September 2009
Dreamspinner Press
304 Pages
M/M, Contemporary, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Fit To Be Tied

Jem and Tyler met on a regular basis in such a laid back manner that Tyler was unaware they were even dating. Together for six months, Jem was missing a little extra in the bedroom but was unsure of how to approach Tyler with his needs so he remained silent.

During a visit for erotic gag gifts for a friend’s 40th birthday Tyler notices Jem’s preoccupation with bondage paraphernalia. In an attempt to give Jem what he thinks he needs, he goes back to the store and buy the item that Jem was admiring.

In an attempt to give Jem a night he will never forget, Tyler makes him a candle lit dinner and presents himself as a gift. Or did Tyler get it all wrong? It seems Jem had another vision, and Tyler finds the new plan irresistible.

A sensual exploration of the pleasure derived when each partner is focused on the needs of the other. I found the story more about the love between the two than the erotic exploration. Ashlyn Kane writes a wonderful story.

Silent Negotiations

Michael is surfing the internet on his boyfriend’s computer when he comes across a bondage site in the cache history. But is the bondage idea for him to be submissive or for Raahi?

Raahi is unsure where the domineering side of his boyfriend came from, but he is all too willing to reap the benefits.

Michael and Raahi thought they knew everything about each other, but tonight they will learn that you are never too old to learn a new trick.

A sexy exploration of a couple who thought that they knew what they needed out of their love life but were soon to discover there is so much more. Michael learns that although he never felt the need to dominate, he is unable to resist the opportunity to take Raahi to heights neither had imagined.

Raahi and Michael are a wonderful couple who are hot together. It was hot to read the dominate scenes but it was also funny when the truth is revealed. The two are left with a new and exciting sexual life together. I loved reading a story of two people who are open to explore and try new things together.

The Perils of Tardiness and Telling Tall Tales

Emery is about to explode. The life of his business is on the line and it all depends on the sexy delivery driver who never arrives on time.

Theo is late again. He loves delivering to Emery but something consistently slows him down. Now he is in hot water because he is late again, and this time Emery is ready to punish him.

Unaware of Theo’s motive in being late, Emery loses patience and decides to take things into his own hands. He will make sure that next time Theo is late, he will know what to expect.

I found this story to be very exciting and a bit on the humorous side. It was fascinating to watch Theo push Emery to the point where he final gets the very thing he has been wanting from Emery. Sienna Bishop has penned a thrilling story well worth the read.

Eye Opener

Takoda has never thought much of the BDSM scene, and his job as a bartender at the hottest club in town did nothing to change his mind. His boss, Rhys, would be the only man to tempt him into trying it out.

Rhys is the bar owner and a dom but has never felt the need to be cruel. He ensures that his sub always gets what he needs.

Takoda is about to learn that giving up control may not be as bad as he first thought. Now he is unable to get the visual of Rhys in full dom mode out of his head.

I loved the story but was rather disappointed in how the story ended. I would love to see the progression of a relationship between Rhys and Takoda.

Maximum Exposure

Sebastian has a policy of never sleeping with his models but Angel changed that. Unable to get the bondage photo shoot of Angel out of his mind, he suggests a new game for their relationship.

Angel is concerned when Sebastian says they need to talk. That is usually the kiss of death for a relationship. He’s unaware that not only is it not the kiss of death but it will alter his life and change the very essence of who he is.

Angel is about to learn just how much Sebastian wants him and in fact wishes to say, “Mine!”

Maximum Exposure is wonderful exploration of the pleasure in the give and take of control between a devil and his imp. One of the most erotic yet soul-bonding love scenes I have ever read. Fae Sutherland never fails to deliver and Maximum Exposure is above standard.

Remarkable Restraint

Chaz has been in love with his best friend for what seems like forever, but he is straight or so he thought. A couple of months ago it all came out, and then his friend left on a two-month trips overseas with an ultimatum on his return.

Justin finds Chaz irresistible and is unable to hide it for a moment longer. He confesses his feelings and then he confesses something he wishes he had kept to himself.

Often referred to as the twins, though they looked nothing alike, they were inseparable. Now the love between them may be the one thing their friendship is unable to survive.

Chaz and Justin were fascinating if a little heartbreaking. The author took a realistic look at unrequited love and how taking a gamble could bring everything someone could only dream of.

Learning As We Go Along

Matt has been in love Jake for quite some time, but Jake has no clue. Jealous of the men in Jake’s life, Matt is unsure how much longer he can live like this.

It takes a friend and colleague pointing out how much Matt really cares before Jack begins to pay attention. Once Jack opens his eyes and really begins to look, he sees all the little things Matt does for him.

Once they finally lay hands on each other, they find it very difficult to stop. But Jake notices there is something different, Matt always wants Jake to take charge and Jake finds that he really likes it.

Jake and Matt are a very sweet couple. I loved how their love grew over time and snuck up on them. A very good story, well worth the read.


Jack is a happy and well-adjusted gay man who feels that it is every gay man’s fantasy to get with a straight guy to show him what he is missing. During a gay expo, he meets the sexy guy in the booth across from them who seems a little out of place.

Sam is straight but he needed the money so he offered to help out his cousin. He always thought he was heterosexual, but now that he has seen what the expo had to offer, he is really curious.

Jack wants Sam but feels obligated to give Sam time to think about it. Soon after, he regrets that impulse as he really wants Sam on his knees begging. He holds his breath in the hope that Sam will still want him in the morning.

Jack’s fantasies of Sam are hot! A unique take on a story is to have all of the erotica as part of a fantasy and not a reality. D.G. Parker writes a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat waiting to see what will happen.

All Kinds of Attention

Troy has an attitude problem, and he is spoiling for a fight. Tired of being treated as a pretty boy, he is determined to show that he is a man.

Tom likes a little spice in his man, but Troy may be more of a spitfire than he is willing to put up with. But, is Troy more temptation than Tom is willing to pass up?

Tom knows what Troy needs, but is Troy willing enough to accept the attention Tom wants to give him? Sometimes submitting to another man takes more strength than a man is willing to give.

Troy is a hoot. The man wants but is unwilling to take the last step to get what he wants. I found the power struggle between Troy and Tom exciting, and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who would be the victor.

The Cub

Dan is a silent partner of the retail store, The Whip and Chains, and for the day he is filling in to help out one of the owners/managers. He is thankful for the day at the store when The Cub walks in the door and rocks his world.

Corey, a.k.a The Cub, was sent to the store because he was told it was the best place for him to buy a “Daddy-Catching’ Outfit.” By the time he is ready to leave, he hopes he will have no need for the outfit because he hopes he has found his Daddy.

Dan hopes he has found what he was unaware he was looking for. Corey hopes that Dan will apply to be his Daddy. These two men are a match made in the kink store, but can they find their way to each other?

Corey is a strong man who knows what he needs and is determined to find it. I loved how he stood up and did whatever was asked of him. I could really see how their interaction with each other could lead to forever if both would just take the chance. An excellent read!

Black and Blue

Archer is a police officer for the Toronto Police, but his uniform will serve a different purpose for the evening. He knows Freddie is special and will do what he can to see his fantasies come to light.

Freddie was unable to believe when the sexy man approached him while he was strapped to a wall as the willing slave of another and got his phone number.

Archer and Freddie meet up to negotiate their scene and get to know each other. Archer suspects he might be in love and hopes that Freddie will come to feel the same way.

Archer and Freddie are sexy together and reading their scene was truly erotic. I enjoyed reading Black and Blue.

The mix of stories in this anthology is well balanced. Some were amazingly sweet and loving, and others were hot enough to start a fire. I found each story unique and a thrill to read. I recommend this anthology to anyone who likes a little kink in their love stories.

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