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ISBN# 9781771270106
March 2012
MuseItUp Publishing
E Book
238 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abigale Hawthorne, Gale, is not impressed at first sight by the new Englishman in town, Mr. Blessing, especially after she finds out he is the cousin of the woman she was jilted for. Still, if she can convince him to marry her, her reputation would be restored and her family’s finances could be saved.

Randolph Blessing is enjoying meeting the available women in Lost Mast. Deceived once before, he knows he must choose a wife wisely and stay away from any woman that reminds him of his deceased fiancée. Though his head tells him to stay away from her, his heart leads him to Gale.

When her previous love, Nathaniel Blaine, dies in a shipwreck, his ghost arrives to ask Gale for forgiveness. Her pride and temper refuse him and he remains tied to her instead of crossing into the next plane. In the meantime, his mischief causes Gale to be the center of attention on more than one occasion. Gale, who had fallen in love with Randolph before they were wed, wants to keep nothing from her husband. In an attempt at total honesty, she tells him of Nathaniel’s ghost, and of a trick she thought she played on him. Angry at being deceived again, Randolph leaves his wife and develops a plan to test her love. Gale embarks on a journey west to find her husband, and learns a lesson about forgiveness.

Ghosts, jilts, financial matters, dinner parties and more; Garnet Gale Gets Her Man if filled with a lot more than just Gale and Randolph falling in love. This book has a little bit of everything. Throughout the book, we are introduced to many supporting characters and events that sometimes seem unrelated, though interesting. The second half seems a bit rushed with a forced lesson, but everything comes together nicely to make this book an enjoyable read.

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