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Greek Love Duo Series:
Book 1: Paying Her Debt
Book 2: Getting Her Greek

Greek Love Duo, Book 2
ISBN: 9781926950877
October 2011
Evernight Publishing
118 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cassie Reynolds hates her job as a reporter, not because of the actual job but because of the rag she works for. She wants nothing more than to report real in-depth news and interviews, not spy on celebrities and write stories that are not the pure truth she wants to tell.

George Constantinou knows something is off about the mysterious woman who has crashed his business partner’s wedding. Deciding to investigate, he stalks his prey, and when he catches her, George knows he has to have a taste of the decadent crasher.

When Cassie learns the wholesome story she gave her boss was changed, she is furious, but what can she do? George is equally enraged and he sets out to find the woman who plagued his every thought from the moment she, and her luscious body, walked into the wedding reception. Cassie tells him she will leave well enough alone with the rest of her story, if he will give her an all access pass to him. What began as a means to scratch an erotic itch for both of them soon turns to more. But do Cassie and George even stand a chance when their relationship is built on lust and mistrust?

Getting Her Greek is a bold and sassy tale with some erotic repartee that leaves the reader really feeling the lust that George and Cassie have for one another. Ms. Shortt gives us a tantalizing taste of how her erotic mind works as this story takes us from one scene to another. The quality of her writing skill is proven throughout this book time and again. I love how some of the scenes were teasers without giving too much away while others left me so hot and bothered I needed to turn on the air. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the written world that was created by this great author.

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