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ISBN: 1-59088-580-5/ 1-59088-462-0
March 2006
Wings ePress
$11.95 Print /$6.00 E-Book
330 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Joanna Larne is set on some leisure relaxation when she reaches the lake where her cottage is located. It has been a stressful year and the tranquil peacefulness of the lake with her dog Kinder will help her forget her wearisome ex-boyfriend. She plans to just rest and work on her novel. Unfortunately, her vacation takes on shades of gloom after practically being escorted off the highway by local hooligans. In no time, Joanna’s vacation is spiraled with attempted murder and a mysterious happening at the local cemetery.

Lieutenant Mac Dalby works with the Fox Glove Corners Police Department. He begins to show interest in Joanna. When bizarre things start happening, he is there for her protection.

Angela Carenton visits her great-aunts grave and winds up shot. Thankful that Joanna finds her; she begins to expel secrets to Joanna that turn chaotic with many haunts.

Joanna finds herself holding secrets after learning about a twenty-year-old death of a police officer that was never solved. She begins research that leads to other puzzling events. She believes that Ned’s ghost has been haunting the cemetery and patrolling the lake and cabin. She wonders if he is trying to send a message from the beyond about the mystery of his death. After meeting Joanna, Lieutenant Dalby believes he might be of help. In their search, they find a way to learn about each other.

Ghost Across The Water delivers spine-tingling chills. I fell in love with Joanna and her strength, huge heart and remarkable courage that reflect throughout the story. Kinder, the lovable collie is a great addition as well as Dalby. I melted at Joanna’s description of Dalby’s eyes. Ms. Bodoin creates believable characters and mixes suspense, romance and elegance that shoot off sparks making this one extraordinary read.

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