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Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series
Book 1: Ghost at Work
Book 2: Merry, Merry Ghost

Book 3: Ghost In Trouble

Bailey Ruth Raeburn Series Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-191501-7
October 12, 2010
William Morrow
Hard Cover
276 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

The excitement of being back in action for the Department of Good Intentions is almost more than Bailey Ruth Raeburn can handle. She dearly loves her old stomping grounds of Adelaide, Oklahoma, and is thrilled to death (if someone already dead can be) to see it again.

Coming to The Castle on the pretext of writing a biography of Jack Hume’s life is the perfect excuse for Kay Clark to do some snooping. She is positive Jack did not die of an accidental fall, but digging into his family’s secrets may put her next in line for an untimely death.

Well, if she were not an emissary for the DGI and so delighted to be back in Adelaide, Bailey Ruth would have turned this assignment down flat. Years ago when Bailey knew the young Kay Clark, Kay was nothing more than a home wrecker, but now, whether Kay likes it or not, she needs Bailey’s help. Kay is on the trail of a killer, and it is up to Bailey to make sure Kay does not become the next victim. Kay is positive she is losing her mind when Bailey starts popping into her life, but as the lies begin to unravel, she must admit Bailey’s unique brand of assistance comes in pretty handy.

Fashionista Bailey Ruth Raeburn is one of the quirkiest ghosts you will ever come across. She actually spends more time changing out her wardrobe and breaking the precepts than she does fulfilling her duties, but she is a hoot to read. Her character is fun and flashy, and will surely add a smile to your day. I do believe however that a little less scene description (clothes, house, furnishings), and a little more drama would really enhance the mystery aspect of this story.

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