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ISBN: unavailable
May 21, 2009
Purple Sword Publications
54 Pages
Erotic Romance, GLBT, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Mike can only watch helplessly as powerful emotions run across his lover’s face. This trip home to Greece is suddenly looking a lot less like a vacation, and more like a death sentence.

The closer he gets to home, the harder it is for Demitri to hide his pain. So many memories and so much heartache surround his tiny home village, but he needs to bury his past if he is to ever move forward.

Fissions of fear and trepidation creep up Mike’s spine the closer they get to Demitri’s home. Something has happened here that Demitri is hiding, and Mike cannot help but feel their relationship could be in serious jeopardy. Staying in his grandmother’s home finally forces the issue for Demitri when Mike experiences much more than tingling suspicions. The pain, the guilt, and the fear all come to a head, but will Mike and Demitri survive the fallout, or will Demitri’s past reclaim his heart?

The opening paragraph sets the scene for this emotionally heart-wrenching love story. The relationship between Mike and Demitri feels like you are treading on thin ice, and at any moment someone is going to crash right through. I could not help but want to know more about Mike’s past as well, given his relentless insecurities. This is not a lighthearted feel good story, but one that will hopefully open your eyes and hearts to the pain these men face on a daily basis when they have to hide their love due to society's prejudices.

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