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Nightfall Syndicate Books
Blood Vice
Ghost Soldiers

Nightfall Syndicate Series, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781609284985
July 2011
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
252 Pages
Urban Fantasy, Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Maria is in charge of the “family business”, and uses her vampire abilities to be one of the few female leaders of a crime syndicate. She is completely in love with Karl, but not happy that the Order of the Thorn is sending him on another mission.

Karl is being blackmailed by the Order of the Thorn into killing a rogue sorcerer who is trying to build a paranormal army. When the operation goes bad, he must do things he has promised himself he would avoid. Now he must worry not only if he will see Maria again, but about how the changes will affect their relationship.

The Order of the Thorn is still out there, and if Karl survives, will the two lovers survive as well? As another battle begins, who will be their ally and will enemies change?

Ghost Soldier is a dark novel with wonderful anti-heroes in Maria and Karl. Be prepared, the characters are apart much of the story. This separation, however, is the back drop that demonstrates how very much they love each other. Support characters are strong, and necessary, even though sequels are overtly implied. The bad guys are everywhere, with no one being completely innocent, but they are definitely intriguing, even the really bad ones. While this is a stand-alone book, I think it helps if one reads the first book in the series, but it could be that I enjoy the characters so much I want to find out more about them. For me though, the best part of the book is that some of the characters are not wimpy angst-filled whiners—they are spooky scary monsters—I love this.

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