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Naughtily Ever After Series

Book 1: Glass Slipper
Book 2: Giant
Book 3: Beast

Book 2 of the Naughtily Ever After Series
ISBN#: 9781607352976
May 2011
Resplendence Publishing
98 Pages
Historical Erotic Romance; Erotic Fairytales
Rating: 5 Cups

Jacqueline wishes she could be the typical tax collector working for the kingdom instead of the Royal Princess she is. When she stops at the last cottage to collect the monies for her father’s coffers, she does not expect someone quite like Andras.

Andras Karlaff has spent most of his days alone as he farms his land in hopes of surviving another harsh winter. When Jacqueline comes calling dressed as a man, demanding he pay his dues, and ends up messing up his crop, Andras figures out a way to keep the loneliness at bay.

Jacqueline cannot believe she has agreed to spend a week with the lonely giant. But his enormous yet gentle hands have a way of leaving her body craving more of his hedonistic touch. She knows that at the end of the week, she will have to go back to the castle while he continues to toil under the scrutiny of the suspicious townsfolk. Soon enough, Jacqueline and Andras are torn apart as reality sets in, and both come to realize their quiet and highly erotic time together may result in death and despair unless someone can make sure this fairytale ends happily ever after.

What a phenomenal tale Giant was! Not only did Ms. Barnette include the elements of lust, love, attraction, danger, and humungous obstacles, but she also spun a web of emotional points that left me breathless. I could practically feel Andras’ loneliness and despair as he described how he was seen by the villagers. The love that Jacqueline came to feel for her gentle giant shined through so vividly that I would not be surprised to see I now sport a very nice tan. Whether you are a fan of erotica, historical romance, fairytales, or Ms. Barnette herself, you will fall in love with this profoundly beautiful novel about love coming in many different sizes.

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