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ISBN: 978-0-06-229724-2
February 1, 2015
William Morrow
Trade Paperback
357 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lumineaux Shower Gel could be the account that lands Anna Wyatt the coveted partnership she has always wanted. No longer will she be relegated to low ranks of women’s products and fluff accounts. Her name will mean something.

Every year Lincoln Mallory spends a week in Phoenix playing golf and glad-handing his clients. His typically ordinary excursion is completely upended this time around by a chance encounter at the hotel bar.

Once she arrives in Phoenix with Sasha in tow, Anna finally begins to believe that this is real and the absolute terror of failing sets in. Getting involved with a man right now is definitely not on her to do list, yet Lincoln insinuates himself into her thoughts without her control. Anna feels overwhelmed with self-doubt, sick with worry for her brother Ferdie, and desperate to make her career into something memorable. The powerlessness of it all shakes her foundation, bringing back years of feeling the neglect of parents who were just too busy to be bothered.

Happy fortieth birthday, and all Anna can think about is how her life is so far from perfect she barely recognizes it. To thine own self be true is unbelievably hard for a woman who hides so much of herself from the world, until Lincoln waltzes into her life. Theirs is not a love story so much as an unveiling, where Anna and Lincoln strip bare all pretense and finally “Just Be”. I do have to say that my favorite chapter is with Anna and Ferdie when he gets his first chip. This one really opens your eyes to what kind of damage parents can unleash on their children.

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