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ISBN # 1-934069-06-X
June 2006
Freya's Bower
17 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Ghost in the Glass

Interior designer, Maureen McBride, has a plan. She is going to do a wonderful job decorating her client's mansion and he will be so thrilled with the results that he will marry her. Best-laid plans often go awry, however. The antique Irish glass she ordered for the windows contains a wicked little faery that has other ideas.

Installing panes of glass is something that contractor Sean Flynn is capable of doing, but when he unpacks a particular piece, he receives a shock. Realizing that the pane contains powerful magic, he is very careful with it. When he is finished he intends to head home, but the faery interferes and his plans are changed.

Red is a mischievous faery, so mischievous that the Summer Queen of the Faeries imprisoned him in the glass to stop his pranks. Maureen and Sean may have had their own plans but Red is about to change them. He thinks they would do very well together and is not above a little matchmaking.

Red's Bower

Raymond O'Connor is a famous musician with an attitude. He has come to his cousin's bed and breakfast to rest and visit while he readies himself for his next concert. Not liking the room chosen for him, he insists on staying in a particular one with a beautiful antique pane of glass in a window. He has no idea that his choice will totally change his life.

Kathleen Mallory is doing her neighbors a favor by making sure their relative settles in while they are away on a family emergency. Her attempts to dissuade Ray from staying in the room known as Red's Bower is met with so much resistance that she gives in. Having never stayed in the room herself, she has no idea what can happen.

Kathleen and Ray are perfect for each other. They do not know it yet, but Red does. When he works his magic, they will not know what hit them. When the Flynn’s return to their home they find out just what Red was up to while they were away. Can his machinations lead to everlasting love?

This delightful book really struck my fancy. Red is a wonderfully mischievous faery. I had such fun reading about him. Both stories give readers an idea of Red's personality and charm. Ms. Mumford is an author to watch for in the future. If you enjoy tales of faeries and magic then give this enchanting book a try.

Susan White
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


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