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The Chronicles of the Four Courts Book 1
ISBN#: 978-1-77101-270-6
April 2014
Breathless Press
196 Pages
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy F/F
Rating: 4 Cups

Reagan is a Fae Knight, a child of the Goddess of War Morrigan and a Sidhe from the royal court. She is deeply in love with her charge, the Fae lady of Autumn, Cerridwen. However, she believes Cerridwen is beyond her reach.

Cerridwen is the heir to Twylyth Court and the daughter of High King Herne.

Tala is a winter Fae, and one of the youngest daughters of Oberon. She is also one of Reagan’s lovers and the one she is most fond of.

Flynn is Reagan’s younger brother, and the only sibling she is close with.

Reagan is in love with her charge Ceridwen, and always has been. However, she believes that because she is a war child, a child of the Goddess of War, the Morrigan, and a knight who has pledged herself to the Tylwyth Court, that they can never be together. Because of this she has a variety of lovers that she visits, including one of the youngest daughters of Winter, a Fae called Tala. While Tala and she are not exclusive, she is one of Reagan’s favorites and she is very fond of her. When after a visit with Tala she and her brother Flynn come upon an old steel car bearing down on her charge Ceridwen and two of the ladies of Spring, she and Flynn are barely able to protect the ladies, and one of the ladies of Spring is injured. Something about the attack niggles at Reagan’s mind, and it is not long before other royal Fae are attacked. When Fae begin dying, it becomes even more imperative that Reagan protect Ceridwen. Will Reagan be able to keep Ceridwen safe? Will her unspoken dream of them being together ever come true?

I have to say I enjoyed this story. It is well written and has fantastic world building. The author mixes myths and legends with her own take on them and creates a very colorful, interesting universe. The love scenes were super hot, though I would have preferred to see more of them with Reagan and Ceridwen. While I understood the book was to begin as an unrequited love story, I felt as though there was far more on the relationship development of Reagan and Tala than there was with her relationship with Ceridwen. I felt as though I never really got to know Ceridwen. She was sort of this goddess on a pedestal that Reagan thought about all the time, but then she would get caught up with these other sexual conquests. Essentially, you learn more about all the other characters, and Reagan has much more interaction with the other characters than she seems to with Ceridwen. This made it difficult for me to see the instant romantic relationship that develops at the very end as real. This was my only beef with the story. While I was happy with the ending, I would have liked to see much more of the development of their romantic relationship, and less of Reagan’s other conquests. Again, great story telling, wonderful world building, and beautiful love scenes. I will definitely be picking up the next book, if only to satisfy my curiosity about what happens next!

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