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ISBN: 0-446-57782-0
May 2006
Time Warner Books
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$14.99 U.S./$19.99 Canada
224 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Everyone knows trophies can be won while others are lost. The world is often competitive when engaged in a confrontation to find the survivor. Women are sometimes handed the worse and hardest things in life, and always come out winners. They are strong and the backbone of families. Those that put God first, no matter what the struggle, become the shiniest trophies for others to see.

There are questions distributed throughout the book on reflections, prayer, and inspirational words to keep one strong. Lessons in life are pointed out, as well as words of advice from mothers, encouraging us to never give up. The story instructs others to stay tough while showing how women always responded to Jesus and his words, and never left his side as they followed his teachings, even throughout Bible verses.

Ms. Jakes mentions how trophies are made for showing, for celebrating, like giving off a little light, almost like, ‘I am going to let this little light shine,’ for everyone to see. The writings even display how young and old wait until the end, when at one time or another we will all decay, but while getting there we shine like a polished trophy for the world to see our beauty, our shining life, and how by following our Maker we obtain an enrichment that is most joyous.

God’s Trophy Women is a book that stands out and exhibits true faithfulness and strength. It is filled with power and love, while demonstrating how knowledge, splendor, and support can be gained through God. Ms. Jakes expresses many trials in life that show how women live through God and face much opposition. She gives women the opportunity to learn about healing, while leaning on faith in God to face real encounters in this remarkable read.

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