Coffee Time Romance & More




July 2013
SoulMate Publishing
156 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Penny Moreno is back in Harper's Grove at an auction with her sister, Gwen. She is not expecting to attend the type of auction Gwen and Matt have assisted in setting up as a fundraiser for children with some special needs. She is in for a huge surprise as the gymnasium brings back so many sad memories that have been haunting Penny for years. So much so, she only goes by 'Nell' now.

Not expecting to have anything happen out of the norm, Elijah Knight, captain of the Harper's Grove Fire Department, is in shock when he comes on stage and gets claimed just as the bidding starts. His bid starts at more money than he expected to be bought for! The woman who bid on him is one hot number, and he wonders what he will have to do to keep her happy and content for such a high price.

Nell can not believe her eyes. It is Elijah Knight, the guy she has had a crush on since she was a little girl. Memories of him flood her mind as he steps out onto the auction floor. She swept him up, claimed him in one short bid, and outnumbered all the waiting ladies who were sure to empty their savings for a night with Mr. Knight. What Elijah does not expect is what she has in mind for him to do once she wins the bid. Can he be more than just a helping hand? Does Nell only want him to restore her family's old home? Or is her heart in need of repair too? Can her sister, Gwen, get Nell to open her heart and see what she really wants? Or has Nell's ex-husband and her long past of hurt caused her to close herself to any possibilities of real love?

Only time can heal wounds, you probably have heard. Sometimes people get worse, and many times they get more wounds. This book is a story of a woman who has to face the main bully from her childhood head on, and he does not know who she is years later. She still has wounds, but she tries so hard to hide them. Ms. Hebert captured a traditional, sweet, yet hot and inspiring story of how one must come out of their inner bondage. It is a story of love happening in a very unconventional way. A must read for those who like to stay on their toes from beginning to end. Going Going Gone started a fire even Elijah Knight cannot put out! This book gets 5 cups. You will need all of them, so you can cool off as you read this novel!

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