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ISBN# 978-0-9844615-8-5
June 24, 2010
Dark Castle Lords
287 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jamie Christopher works as a landscape gardener to help his crippled mother stretch the budget. After receiving an offer to pose for an advertising company, he never expected his world to change.

Cyndi Roman likes to prepare meals for Jamie and his mother, Jean. As a nurse, she has been there helping Jean through her rehab therapy. She likes spending time with Jean, but more so with Jamie.

Jamie lost his father in a severe car accident that left his mother practically crippled. The income has not been good since his father’s death. He had to put his landscape business on hold due to funds. His mother, Jean, has her flower shop that comes in handy, yet slows her down because of terrible pain since the accident. Cyndi makes sure to prepare some food for Jamie and Jean. Jamie likes Cyndi’s company and they connect in many ways. When Martina Ortona, a good friend of Jean’s, insists Jamie pose for his advertising company, Jamie knows they can use the money, so accepts. When Jamie sees how the other side lives, and how women practically swarm over him, will he and Cyndi ever have a chance to really connect?

Kate Hofman has once again spun a captivating tale that carried this reader into the lives of characters hard to say goodbye to. I love Jean, who has to learn to suffer with a handicap, as well as severe pain, while trying to run her small business. I could relate to her in many ways. She was indeed a genuine, compassionate mother who cared deeply for Jamie. I thought Jamie and Cyndi were well-developed players. Golden Heart is a fantastic read that flows at a good pace allowing the reader to enjoy a story that I could tell comes from the heart.

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