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The Gunsmith Series

Book 1: In the Service of the Queen
Book 2: Shadow Soldier
Book 3: Crossroad
Book 4: Six Shot
Book 5: Gone Rogue

The Gunsmith Series, Book 5
ISBN-13: 9781611245486 (EB), 9781611248401 (PB)
February 22, 2014
Amber Quill Press, LLC
E-Book / Paperback
$5.25 / $11.99
339 Pages
Science Fiction, Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

Jumping into the past is destroying the relationships that Boothenay Irons has with everyone in her life, only this time, it is not her fault. This time she gets abducted and thrust into a time she is pretty sure is not natural.

The war between the Crowners and ANWFF is coming to a head, with Kellen Tatrov and his family right at its heart. Whomever controls AzR, which is quickly becoming the power source for nearly everything, owns this part of the world and everyone in it.

It does not take long before Boothenay realizes she is not in any historical version of Spokane she has ever seen or heard of; in fact, it almost feels alien. Dwelling on this, however, is not something she has time for if she wants to live long enough to find a way home. Fighting alongside Kellen is pretty much her only choice, considering the alternative is being used as a bargaining chip in a political war. What she does not count on is how her feelings for him are beginning to drive out the pain of all she has lost at home.

Boothenay Irons is as unique and unusual as her name implies. She is a scrappy fighter, a first-class shot, and a total softy for her favorite four-legged friend. It is a little harder to get a bead on Kellen, although Boothenay seems to be cracking that hard shell in her own special way. This is a read with a whole new approach to time travel, and one I think is wonderfully entertaining.

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