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ISBN: unavailable
July 2009
Lyrical Press, Inc.
192 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Her big day is fast approaching, and Kalyani Martin wishes she could just bury her head in the sand and wait until it is all over before coming up for air. Loving and wanting to marry Will is not the issue, but the wedding is going to kill her.

Over-the-moon-happy can barely describe Will Hellenboek since Kal has become his soul mate, but the secret he is keeping from Kal could destroy her trust in him. The only thing he can do is stand back and let nature takes its course, and hope like crazy she can forgive him.

Everything is going so well for Kal, despite the lack of sleep from the wedding chaos and her job producing Otherworlds, she is ecstatically happy. Her connection with Will becomes official, at least in her parents’ eyes, but there is something brewing that seems to have everyone on edge. A devastating loss shatters Kal’s world, and neither Will nor Aidan can pull her out of its powerful grip. Only Ryan holds the necessary key to bring her back. Ryan can only give Kal so much information, but the stronger she gets, the harder it is to shield his thoughts and emotions, and it is not long before she can feel the pull of memories best left forgotten.

Hell’s Bells snatches your interest from the very first page. The second in a six book series, it keeps the ball rolling with amazing intensity, and I highly recommend reading them in order. The characters are clever, witty, and all-out lovable, especially Aidan and his new man Jeff. I love a great cliffhanger, but the anticipation of book three is going to be sheer torture.

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