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Trilogy - Paul's Three Wars

Book 1- Paul, Betty, and Pearl
Book 2 -Daddypaul and the Yo-yo War
Book 3 - Gran'Paul's Family

Book 3 in the trilogy, "Paul's Three Wars,"
ISBN: 978-1442136212
April 2009/ August 2009
E-Book/ Paperback
$4.95/ $12.00
326 Pages
family saga, historical, psychological
Rating: 2 Cups

Paul and Betty are now moving through life, both nearing their retirement. His from a life-long military career, and hers as a musician and piano teacher. Their children are now grown and they are looking forward to a new chapter in their lives.

Teddy and Rosalie move through their young life simultaneously, enduring ups and downs in both their careers and personal lives. As time passes, they find themselves in love and moving into an uncertain future together as a married couple.

Many political wars and skirmishes, and the death of a popular president, happen during the growing of Paul and Betty’s family. They must also deal with many personal issues as well; things that shape us all into who we become.

This is the third book in the series, and I would definitely recommend reading them in order as it may help with keeping things in order. Having not read the other books, I had a hard time following the story and found myself re-reading many pages. If you are a fan of biographies and history then you will enjoy this book; however, I must say that, sadly, this was not enjoyable for me.

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