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Andrew Mayhem Series
Book 1: Graverobbers Wanted (No Experience Necessary)
Book 2: Single White Psychopath Seeks Same

Book 3: Casket for Sale (Only Used Once)

Book # 1 in the Andrew Mayhem Series
ISBN: (13)9780759927353
October 2010
Mundania Press
e-book/ paperback/ hardcover
$ 2.99/$ 12.00/ $22.00
179 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Andrew Mayhem is on a mission to find his perfect career. He has tried his hand at a myriad of things but has not found the right fit so far. Andrew has an amazing sense of humor and manages to keep that humor intact no matter how bad the situation may be.

Roger Tanglen is Andrew's best friend. Roger is not an adventurer and prefers his life to be normal and quiet. However, he is also a follower by nature, so it is not hard for Andrew to convince him to do almost anything, no matter how hare-brained the scheme.

Andrew Mayhem is between jobs and needs to come up with the money to have some repairs done on his car. While he and Roger are at a coffeehouse one evening, a woman comes to them with a strange business proposition. She will pay them twenty thousand dollars to retrieve a key for her. Andrew thinks that this may be the answer to his dilemma. The problem is that they will have to rob a grave to get the key. The decision to accept the job sends both Andrew and Roger on a dangerous scavenger hunt. From being shot at and kidnapped to hearing a murder take place and finding a dead body in the car, Andrew’s mystery solving capabilities are pushed to the limit by an unknown individual with his or her own agenda.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Mystery and humor intertwine to keep the reader entertained and delighted from first page to last. Andrew Mayhem’s sense of humor and some of the hilarious situations he gets himself and Roger into, made me laugh out loud. The characters are endearing and lovable and may even remind you of your next-door neighbor or your favorite uncle. Mr. Strand blends mystery and humor brilliantly in this book. If you have not read Jeff Strand already, I strongly encourage you to grab this book and prepare to laugh…a lot.

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