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Spectrum Series
Book 1: Grayscale

Spectrum Series, Book 1
ISBN: 9781772333022
25 March 2015
Evernight Publishing
83 Pages
Contemporary, Suspense, Gay, Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Spectrum’s Chroma operatives like Jonah Gray are the highest skilled and deadliest killers in the country. It takes nerves of steel to do what Jonah does, but he would be lost without that soft commanding voice in his ear.

It is a handler’s job to see to their agent’s safety, which Silas Fox takes very seriously. Nothing will harm his agent if he has any say in the matter, so it is up to him to make sure every mission is coordinated down to the smallest detail.

The bond between a handler and his agent is so symbiotic it is almost as though they are one being, which is why Jonah feels completely secure in Mr. Fox’s hands. When a mission goes south, and both Jonah and Silas are targeted, it is even more imperative that they work together. Getting to meet in person is a dream come true for Jonah, because there is no one on earth that means more to him than his Mr. Fox.

The threat of danger puts a fine edge on the relationship between Jonah and Silas. Two men who are so incredibly skilled and intelligent are attractive to begin with, but put them together and it is off the charts. I love the slow seduction Silas builds with nothing more than his voice. So much so, you feel it right along with Jonah. This is only the beginning for Spectrum, and I am sure that whatever comes next will be well worth the wait.

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