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BOOK 2 in the Maggy Thorsen Mystery series
ISBN#: (13)9780373267118
June 2010/ December 2007
WorldWide Mystery, a division of Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. /Severn House /
$5.99 US/ $6.99 CAN
252 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Maggy Thorsen is the owner of Uncommon Grounds, an espresso bar. She is semi-secretly dating the sheriff, Jake Pavlik, keeping up with her business and friends. Now she can add organizing the barista event at Java Ho-–a coffee trade show--to her list.

Marvin LaRoche is power hungry. Married to Janalee, a coffee shop owner, he turned her comfortable coffee house into a chain of coffee shops. However, it appears that he may have made someone very angry.

Maggy is manipulated by her friend, Sarah, into dealing with Marvin. Marvin is trying to put Maggy and other coffee stores out of business. When Maggy finds Marvin dead under the awards table, bludgeoned to death with the first place barista trophy, it appears that Maggy is not the only one upset with LaRoche. Maggy begins to do a little detective work of her own to find the killer, turning what information she can over to the man in charge, Sheriff Pavlik.

Coffee is not the only thing brewing within the pages of this book. From the teasing between Jake and Maggy to the murderer to be found, there is a lot of fun and secrets percolating here. The background characters are such an asset to the telling of this tale. From the colorful humor to their personalities, there is a certain blend to this story which cannot be duplicated. Ms. Balzo mixes and stirs the reader’s emotions until the perfect shot is ready to be poured. For this reviewer, I think I am going back for a refill.

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