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ISBN# 1-933563-50-8
June 2006
Siren Publishing
96 Pages
Erotic Paranormal/ Shapeshifter/ Urban Fantasy/ Interracial
Rating: 4 Cups

For twenty-eight years, Genesis Enki continues to run from her people while keeping a close eye on Alex, a cambion. When his life is threatened, she confronts him about his birth.

Alex Ryan knows nothing about Genesis. After his father is killed, he learns some stirring new developments.

Genesis, an Inanna, is not human. When her friend gives birth to a half-human, Genesis keeps the child safe from any execution. After watching, Alex and guarding him all these years she wants him to know of her existence. When Alex loses his father, Genesis knows that Alex was the true target, so she goes to his home and tells him everything. Alex cannot believe that the strange woman knows much about him. She is too young to have even helped with his birth. Genesis explains they live off the energy derived from humans when in the act of sex. He thinks she might be a bit touched in the head. Genesis explains about the power struggle within her race and that he is caught in the crossfire. Alex is inclined to believe her and the two develop a growing affection for the other, yet someone is set on putting a stop to it.

Guardian is a chill-tingling fantastic read. Genesis has strong characteristics throughout as she keeps Alex in her care at all costs, and Alex is interesting as he tries to come to terms with the crisis landed in his lap. Ms. McKeever pens a fabulous tale. When Alex was confronted with the woman with hazel eyes, I think I was just as frightened as he was. I kept looking for claw like fingers to jump from the pages. Ms. McKeever fashions a gripping story that this reader enjoyed very much and look for the others in the series.

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