Coffee Time Romance & More




August 13, 2013
Soul Mate Publishing
335 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rehabilitation is a slow and painful process, although Miranda "Randi" Elon is nothing if not tenacious. She may have ended her career in the Army after a couple of bullets to the shoulder, but what did not kill her will make her stronger.

Mixing it up with humans is something Kaiden avoids whenever possible, knowing for a fact he pushes boundaries way too often as it is. His team of Guardians, as well as anyone else in Heaven's army, has to abide a strict set of rules, even when dealing with the worst demons Hell has to offer.

Even on a good day physical therapy is never fun. Only Randi is pretty sure this day will go down as the worst ever if she lives long enough to remember it. She escapes a psycho killer only to find herself in the hands of the most dangerously beautiful man she could ever envision. Right from the start Kaiden and Randi lock horns and trade insults, while both know deep down that something magical is happening. Their bond does not go unnoticed as an ancient demon lays in wait to bring Kaiden down utterly thrilled to have just found this most exquisite piece of bait.

If you are looking for those sweet tempered angelic creatures with halos and wings keep searching. Kaiden and his band of cohorts may be Heaven sent, but there is nothing soft and delicate about them. Randi is right on target when she meets Kaiden toe to toe, because nothing is sexier than seeing these two spar and watching Kaiden finally get as good as he gives. DePaul sets a spectacular scene, and fills it full of love, lust, and a whole lot of wicked warriors.

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