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Mystery Men Series

Book 1 - Under the Gun
Book 2 - Guns and the Girl Next Door
Book 3 - Gunning for Trouble
Book 4 - Locked and Loaded

Mystery Men, Book 3
ISBN#: 9780373695270
February 2011
Harlequin Intrigue
217 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Alert, oriented, and ready to fire within a heartbeat of waking up is what keeps Caleb Mattern alive. He loves the adrenaline rush his job gives him, something he never felt when he worked in a lab, and yet he will never forgive or forget the woman who fired him.

She is a scientist, a DNA specialist, not a super-spy, but since Rob asked Avery Walters for help that is exactly what she has felt like. Her work has landed her smack in the middle of a hornet’s nest of trouble, and the only way out is to get help from the one man who never wants to see her again.

Somehow, someway, Avery breached his security and nearly got herself killed, but before Caleb can demand answers, they come under attack. The proof she has of corruption within WitSec has painted a huge bull’s eye on her back, and it is up to Caleb and the Recovery team to keep her alive and find the answers. Caleb always thought he never wanted anything more to do with Avery, but everything about her drives him to distraction. She is determined, fiercely intelligent, and amazingly beautiful, but their past and their present have become so twisted and intertwined that Caleb fears his ability to trust her or himself.

Trouble seems to be the name of the game for Caleb and Avery as it dogs them every step of the way, and you better be ready to hang on for the ride. They are a combustible force when combined, and you can feel the tension in every word and action. Caleb and Avery start off with a tainted history, and in my opinion that can often drag a book down, but I felt their transition was done quite skillfully and at times humorously. I like a book that easily combines danger and mayhem with romance and humor, and Ms. Dimon’s work is a perfect example.

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