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ISBN#: 9781770650336
March 2010
Eternal Press
102 Pages
Paranormal, thriller, romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rita Maldova is a homicide detective with a little extra talent to help her solve the case. This new case is putting not only her detective skills but also her natural talent to the test, but with the help of an FBI agent who believes, she just might overcome.

FBI Agent Matt Boulet has been sent to assist with solving the case of the serial killer who sucks his victims dry. Little does he know that with his introduction to Detective Rita Maldova he comes face to face with the key.

The supernatural is nothing to Matt or Rita but neither finds it easy to confide and their silence may put each other in danger. The killer is closer to Rita than she could ever imagine and it is only through Matt that the centuries old case will finally come to an end, but will they survive?

Gypsy Crystal is a fantastic adventure through the paranormal. It is an outstanding story that is written by a talented author who paints a thrilling world full of possibilities. I enjoyed the characters, especially Rita’s family. This is one story that fans of the paranormal should not miss and one that mystery readers should read.

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