Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #:978-0-85715-315-9
October 2010
Total E-Bound
38 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Elena is a gypsy witch. She has a lot of power but makes her living telling fortunes. She is a bit upset that her lover is embarrassed by that.

Ben is a cop. He is totally in lust and maybe more with Elena, but does not understand her insistence that she is a real witch. He worries what his friends and coworkers would think of her.

Elena and Ben have a hot, if secretive, arrangement. They are not totally content with what they have but are so very different from each other that Ben is afraid to commit himself further. One night their children play with magic and Ben is totally freaked out by Elena’s display of her powers. He is going to have to really go all out to get back into her good graces and she knows just how to make him pay.

I really liked the Elena character and the two children. Ben’s attitude really annoyed me from the first and even more when Elena saved them from the reanimated statue. She was first treated like a dirty secret and then denied totally. I loved how his ex-partner showed him that Elena was just as respectable and acceptable as any of the other women at the Department picnic. Her revenge was erotic and appropriate; the scene was well written and extremely hot. He definitely learned his lesson and a good time was had by all.

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