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Rawlings Men

Book 1: Handcuffs and Leather
Book 2: Handcuffs and Glory Holes
Book 3: Handcuffs and Headlocks
Book 4: Handcuffs and Trouble
Book 5: Handcuffs and Spreader Bars
Book 6: Handcuffs and Ball Gags
Book 7: Handcuffs and Megabytes
Book 8: Handcuffs and Pretty Things


Rawlings Men, book 5
February 22, 2011
ISBN#: 9781607352372
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Contemporary, Erotic Romance, M/M, BDSM
57 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Getting what he wants is not normally a problem for scene of crime officer, Harland Rowlings, especially when it comes to his work. Any evidence belongs to him until he says otherwise, and if a sergeant manages to roll around in the evidence, then that means he belongs to him until he’s finished.

Detective Sergeant Alasdair Grant does not have good luck with men. It is better to fantasize than risk getting involved with someone like his ex. When Harland offers to fetch a spreader bar if he doesn’t stop wriggling, he knows the other man is merely laughing at his expense. There’s no way the scene of crime officer could know how much Alasdair liked the idea.

When these men come together, sparks fly. Harland knows what he wants but with an injured submissive on his hands, he must prove to Alasdair that there is a difference between the sadism of Alasdair’s ex and true BDSM. Can he do it before Alasdair pushes him away for good?

Wow. Harland is a strong, confident man that I would think would be every person’s vote for a great Dom. Alasdair is battling his own needs and fears, but still has his own strength. The scenes are hot with just enough personality and emotion from both men. A great plot that gives a good look at both characters and brings the story to a satisfying conclusion.

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