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Bandit Creek Series
Book 1: Lost by Vivi Anna
Book 2: Siren’s Song by D.L. Snow
Book 3: Penny Candy by Jade Buchanan
Book 4: Hard Candy by Jade Buchanan
Book 5: Devil Unknown by Steena Holmes
Book 6: Death at Bandit Creek by Amy Jo Fleming
Book 7: Quinn’s Christmas List by Lawna Mackie
Book 8: The Gift by C.J. Carmichael
Book 9: Skin Deep by Shanna Gekko
Book 10: Prohibited Passion by Alyssa Linn Palmer
Book 11: Shafted by Kymber Morgan
Book 12: A Stranger’s Kiss by Roxy Borough

Bandit Creek Series, Book 4
ISBN: Unavailable
October 2011
70 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Penny Anderson thought that when she drove to her home town of Bandit Creek, she was just looking for answers that involved her mother’s death. But she soon finds that there is more than just the one major issue in her life that needs to be answered.

Craig Baxter was in love with Penny Anderson as a teenager. His grown up self is just as in love with her, but there is one teeny-tiny complication.

Douglas McKenzie was sure that as a grown-up he would have his sexual orientation straightened out. He thought he was straight up gay, until Penny walked back into his life and complicated things.

Penny knew that coming home meant rekindling her relationship with Craig. She did not expect to have feelings for Douglas as well. Craig does not know what to do as his sexual relationship with Penny explodes and sizzles even as his body cries out for more of the intense passion he shared with Douglas. Doug himself is scared for his feelings for both Penny and Craig and continuously questions how he is going to stay away if Penny stays for good. Can Penny get the answers not only about her mother, but about her feelings for the men who have played such an important role in her life?

Hard Candy will have your temperature spiking so high you will think you must be sizzling. I love how the story bounced from the male on female sexual encounter to the male on male encounter. It gave me as a reader a chance to taste the different flavors of erotica that can be offered. Jade Buchanan not only included the hedonistic scenes that had this tale burning hot, she also included a great plot that made the read mysterious and suspenseful. This is a well written story that is also linked to another book, Penny Candy. I would like to state that I have not read the other tale but I could understand this one fully and appreciate it as well. That does not mean that I am not going to go out and find the other one so I can enjoy more sensual interactions between Penny, Craig, and Doug.

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