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Ride ‘Em Hard, Book 1
ISBN#: 1610347269
August 2011
Siren Publishing
E Book
166 pages
Erotic Romance/Menage a Quatre/BDSM
Rating: 3 cups

Samantha Brown has only left the province of Ontario once in her life. When this thirty-year old waitress gets the news that she has a week off due to a grease fire, Samantha heads west towards British Columbia. Through the Snowbelt, an April snowstorm is about to hit Alberta.

Wyatt Carson is feeling guilty for not returning home earlier. His twin brothers, Cord and Val, have been keeping the family ranch going while Wyatt has been out with the rodeo circuit. Guilt is what finds Wyatt on the road during a horrible snowstorm.

Samantha is left stranded alongside the road, praying for death in her sleep. Wyatt, by chance, finds Samantha curled up under a blanket, barely alive. His main objective was to get back to the ranch to help his brothers out. Now, he has Samantha to worry about as well. With no electric, phone or satellite, the Carson boys begin to go a little stir crazy. They are all hungry for something fulfilling in their lives, a woman to settle down with, kids of their own. Samantha’s appearance makes it seem as if she has fallen to Earth just for them.

This is a very easy book to get into, but an extremely hard book to put down. Seriously? Three hot cowboys stranded on a ranch in Alberta with nothing much to do except indulge their sexual appetites. I do not think it is possible to go wrong with that whole premise. Ms. Espino has hit this one out of the park. Each character feels so real that you can touch them—and may want to—that it does not take much to get lost within the pages. I am sincerely surprised this book did not burst into flames within my fingers. It is a hot read with plenty to feed your mind and body.

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