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Hard Ink Series

Book 1 - Hard As It Gets
Book 2 - Hard As You Can
Book 2.5 - Hard To Hold On To
Book 3 - Hard To Come By

A Hard Ink Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-226792-4
December 2014
$5.99 US / $7.50 CAN
369 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The last couple of weeks have been a living hell and a godsend for Derek DiMarzio. Marz is back with his Special Forces brothers, which for him means family, but their goal now is to uncover why they lost two of their own on a mission that also destroyed their careers.

As a psychologist, Emilie Garza is very capable of spotting erratic and paranoid behavior. What is killing her is seeing her brother succumbing to this, and what she is going to have to do to get him help.

With his military history and connections to the Baltimore gang scene, Manny Garza is definitely a person of interest for Marz and his team, which leads them to Emilie’s doorstep. Derek is the contact man, although his gut tells him Emilie has nothing to do with her brother’s criminal activity. Emilie is sick with worry for her brother, but the one bright spot in her week is meeting Derek. Coming clean with Emilie is an absolute necessity for Derek. Whether or not she will ever forgive him is something he can only pray for.

Derek may be missing part of a leg, but he has more heart, soul, and love than ten men put together. I love his wicked sense of humor, and even his raunchy mouth, but what sets him apart is his devotion to the men in his unit. As much as Emilie is hurting, you can tell she appreciates everything Derek stands for, and how this has made him the man he is. The men in this series are tough as nails, yet they love every bit as hard as they work, and you are going to enjoy every one of them!

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