Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 1-60601-967-8
Nov 2010
Siren Publishing
173 pages
Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Mac is tormented by the knowledge that he was unable to prevent the tragedy that caused the death of his father. If only, if only, if only. He notices a beautiful young woman walking on the beach one day who is trying, rather unsuccessfully, to herd a younger, energetic, boy away from the shoreline and the lapping waves.

On the run, hiding from ruthless thugs who believe she has stolen valuable information, Gwen must take extreme care to keep her little brother safe. Constantly on the move, Gwen and Joey depend only upon each other; theirs is a lonely existence.

Gwen longs for someone to share her burden but refuses to put anyone else in harm’s way. Then fate, and Mac’s persistence, intervenes. Suddenly, Gwen and Joey find themselves surrounded by a large, boisterous, quirky family who just refuse to accept her best efforts at avoidance – a family that also accepts her despite her peculiar ability to see and hear ghosts. Mac is determined to discover all her secrets, and equally determined to protect her and Joey. Driven by the horror of his past, he is prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure their safety. But will he ever be able to accept the horrible truth of her darkest secret?

Gwen has been forged by past events to be distrustful and skeptical. She puts up a brave, strong front for her young brother even as tempestuous thoughts roil about in her head like sharp shards of glass, giving her but occasional respite from their cruel edges. It is only in Mac’s arms that Gwen feels a measure of safety. As the story unfolds, Gwen clings by her fingernails to the crumbling walls of her protective barriers. I loved Mac’s tenacity and fortitude as he struggled patiently to understand and accept her demons, and as he fought valiantly to earn her trust - and ultimately her love. I was wonderfully pleased by this book; the characters that live within its pages have also become welcome residents within my heart.

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