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Tranquilli Bloodline, Book 1
ISBN# 9781927454473
2 July 2013
Champagne Book Group
372 Pages
Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Karina Tranquilli is a party-girl and nightclub owner who is all about working hard and enjoying life. Her twenty-fifth birthday starts off with her being attacked by a witch. Later, she gets a mysterious sense of déjà-vu when seeing and meeting what she thinks is her first vampire. Simultaneously, she is enthralled and cultivates insta-lust for a man she sees for the first time. This is just the beginning to more surprises for her, the reasoning behind her twelve-year memory gap, locked powers and the startling truth about her whole family. There is also a prophecy involved along with a time limit.

Alexander Wallace is a vampire, relatively young in comparison to the vampires in Karina’s family. He is also her soul mate. He is possessed of a strong need to touch her and braves doing so despite the warnings he gets from older vampires not to until she is ready. The desire he feels for her is so intense he ignores some orders that he is given, which more than once puts Karina?s life in danger. He is Karina?s key, so called by the prophecy concerning her. Despite the imminent danger surrounding her, Alexander will support her no matter what, even if it might mean his death.

According to her newly remembered vampire relatives, Karina is a rare being in possession of a latent power that they have to bind along with her memories in order to keep her and her family safe. Her psychic friend tells of a prophecy outlining that she will bring an end to a centuries old evil. The prophecy calls her the chosen one and says that she has three years until her transformation, if she survives first. On top of having to deal with a restored memory, burgeoning new powers and a new lover she will have to live past her first run-in with team evil and betrayals from people she thinks she knows.

I thoroughly enjoy this beginning to a new series. Along with non-stop action, it is funny, sexy, romantic and has the right amount of scariness/seriousness to it. Reading about how Karina deals with her changing identity, growing power and the romance and lust that grows between her and Alexander are just some of the things that I love. All of the characters are exceptional. Each is well developed and colorful, adding variety and originality to the story. While the idea of vampires and witches has been around for some time, the way they are utilized in this story is really creative. It shows promise that the next books in the series will be as remarkable as this one was.

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