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A Troubleshooters/Navy SEAL Team 16 Anthology
ISBN: 978-0-345-52125-5
April 30, 2013
Ballantine Books
$7.99 US / $9.99 CAN
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

When Frank Met Rosie

When he least expects it is when Frank O’Leary’s life changes forever.

Looking the way she does it is no wonder he gets the wrong idea, although Rosie Marchado cannot say she is disappointed.

Frank knows he comes across as a little scary, but in his line of work that is a good thing. Rosie knows right away exactly what kind of man Frank really is; the kind that will stay in her heart forever.

Meeting the one person with whom you just click is something not to be squandered, and definitely not ignored.

When Alyssa and Sam Met the Dentist

The very nature of their jobs is full of risk, yet that does not make it any easier on Sam.

It is not often Alyssa is caught unaware. This is one of those times.

There timing is much too late for the latest victim of the Dentist, but seeing Alyssa so affected is harder on Sam than their hunt for a killer.

All of the training and skill in the world and there will always be something that no one can ever prepare for.


Leaving loved ones behind while going on a mission is one thing, but Sam is finding out first hand how hard it is to be the one left behind.

War zones are just part of the job, and Alyssa is very good at what she does.

Seeing the coverage on the TV makes Sam fully understand the meaning of fear for the first time. The absolute helplessness is killing him, as he watches in horror what could be the end of his wife’s life.

For a man as tough and strong as Sam is seeing him in this capacity is an extremely moving experience.

Sam Takes an Assignment in Italy

Sand, sun, and a bevy of beautiful bridesmaids have Sam nearly tearing his hair out in frustration.

Taking pity on the poor man, Jules shows up to save Sam’s sanity.

Providing security in such a magnificent setting should be a walk in the park, yet Sam is anything but happy. It has been way too long since he has seen Alyssa, although leaving Jules to fend for himself against gay haters is not happening.

Friends fight for friends, no matter the race, color or orientation, and no one does it better than Sam and Jules.

When Jenk, Izzy, Gillman, and Lopez Met Tony Vlachic

The guys take their poker pretty seriously, especially if they can come away with the pot.

As the new guy on the team Tony Vlachic (Chick) is learning very quickly how to keep his head down, and play it close.

Distraction is a great way to take a guy’s mind off of his cards, and they are certainly trying their best with Chick. He may look like he is about twelve, but Chick is a very quick learner.

Raunchy stories are part of the game, yet this one takes a turn that will leave a smile on your face.

Interview with Tom and Kelly

Tom Paoletti relays the story of how he finally gets home to his wife and young son Charlie.

There is nothing that makes Kelly any happier than to have both of her boys home and safe.

The cards fall into place like it is meant to be, making Tom’s journey entirely too easy. It is almost a guarantee something is going to happen.

This is a neat little story between the author and two of her fantastic characters.


Jules would easily lay down his life for his best friend, and this time he may actually have to.

They have had each other’s backs time and again, yet Alyssa has never felt it more than now.

With no way to escape Jules and Alyssa count down the seconds. Alyssa’s only regret is that she cannot speak to Sam one last time.

This story is not only action packed, but absolutely loaded with feeling as well.

Conversation with Navy SEALS Mark “Jenk” Jenkins, Dan Gillman, Jay Lopez, and Irving (Izzy) Zanella

Izzy and his buddies discuss their future love lives and what that may entail.

Suz is once again giving the guys something to think about, and maybe sweat over.

Jenk may be insanely happy, but with Suz’s writing anything can happen. No one is safe in Suz’s hands, as she has something special in store for each of them.

You will get a kick out of seeing these men squirm and see how Suz keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Interview with Kenny and Savannah

Looking back Kenny can now laugh at some of his less manly moments.

As funny as the stories are Savannah is still nervous about the big change in her life.

Kenny and Savannah share a couple of their stories. One of which is a comedy of miscommunication.

Love and laughter make this story a joy to read.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Seeing her daughter so grown drives home to Arlene just how much she is missing.

It seems like forever that Jack has loved Arlene, yet the timing has never been right.

As much as she would love to go stay home with Maggie, and yes Jack, Arlene cannot just ignore her duty. The longer she is home however, the greater the temptation.

Honor and duty are non-negotiable for Arlene, no matter how much it hurts.

A SEAL and Three Babies

A few short days together are all Sam wants; unfortunately this vacation is turning into one nightmare after another.

Robin has gotten used to his husband Jules taking off for some of the most dangerous and war-torn places in the world, but it will never get easy.

A very nasty and fast spreading flu bug nails Sam, Robin, and their little band of refugees. If that, and their completely ruined travel plans were not enough, now they must evade a terrorist attack.

Sam and Robin show what real men are made of, especially as they protect Gina and the babies while being violently ill themselves.

FAQ’s Answered: Interview with Suz

The interviewer poses questions to Suz that elicits very heartfelt responses.

Being as truthful and honest as ever Suz shares her feelings with her readers.

It is obvious how much Suz puts her heart and soul into her characters. The strength, honor, and love she imbues her characters and stories with are a reflection of the woman herself.

No one mixes up romance, suspense, action, and adventure better than Suzanne Brockmann.

Valentine’s Day, An Essay on Navy Life

For most, V-Day means chocolate and flowers, but for those in the Navy there is something more.

The Navy knows the sacrifice its service men and women make, and for this one holiday they have a special event.

A pool of all married men and women is taken before the ship docks. The lucky winner gets something special, no matter what their rank or position.

This story warms the heart, and may even bring a tear to your eye.

Glossary of Troubleshooters Terms

In this section you get to learn the alphabet soup of military terms, as well as some that may not be in the average military handbook.

Shane’s Last Stand

Murphy’s Law means that whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and right now Shane is the lucky recipient of that particular Hell.

As hard as he tries Magic knows he has no choice but to do as he is ordered.

The mission turns into something ugly and wrong, and Shane will not be part of a massacre. It will probably mean his career, and maybe his freedom, but he has to do what he has to do.

This story hurts to read; especially the way Shane knows how this will turn out.

If you have read some, most, or all of the Troubleshooter series this anthology is something you will not want to miss. The characters almost become family, not just to each other, but to the reader as well. These little snippets of their lives, on and off the job, only serve to reinforce that feeling. Suzanne Brockmann is a beloved author to millions of readers, and this a great accompaniment to her tribute to our military men and women.

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