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Book 1 of the Brides of Alba series
ISBN #: 978-1-4347-6478-8
June 2010
David C. Cook
Trade Paperback
386 Pages
Inspirational Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

After the massacre of her family, Brenna of Gowys has been compelled to live alone for most of her twenty years. She is avoiding her own clansmen who expect her to rise up and defend them against their tormentors. She is also hiding from the O'Byrne persecutors who seek to kill her because she may fulfill her mother's prophecy.

Ronan O'Bryne has been haunted ever since he witnessed the suicide of Joanna after the slaughter of her husband and most of her clan. Before she takes her last breath, she announces the vision God has given her declaring her child will divide the Glenarden house before bringing unknown peace. Every year since, he accompanies his clansmen in the search for the wolf-woman before she can carry out the prediction.

Healer Brenna finds a stranger has been waylaid and almost murdered. She and her companion wolf drag him to safety in her mountain hideaway where she nurses him back to health. When Ronan comes to his senses, he does not want to ruin his budding relationship with the beautiful young woman by revealing that he is the eldest son of the man who annually sends his clan to hunt her. This stranger is the answer to Brenna's loneliness and their companionship blossoms into love. Can their new love overcome the secrets they have kept to protect themselves and the hatred between their clans?

Linda Windsor unites fable and belief in this engaging, inspirational historical tale. She takes a new spin on the much told Arthurian legends and combines them with divine guidance. Brenna and Ronan are two characters who are so very easy to relate to as they are both full of human flaws and positive attributes. The supporting characters in this book are fabulously developed and easy to identify with in some way. I loved the extras, the character list and the map. My review copy did not include the AfterWords bonus section, which I am longing to get a glimpse at. The plot has a steady pace, the description is detailed without being textbook, and the dialogue is charming. I cannot wait to see what is in store for the two other O'Bryne brothers.

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