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ISBN: Unavailable
October 2009
Whispers Publishing
100 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As the pack healer, Corliss should be revered. However, she has always felt as if she was on the outside looking in.

As the Alpha's son of the pack, Liam knows that he is seen as prime pickings for a mate. But he only wants one woman, and she is getting ready to be mated to someone else.

Corliss finds herself in a quandary as the alpha and his mate have chosen someone she finds despicable to become her mate. Suddenly Liam is there to save the day, and she finds all of her dreams have come to fruition. If one did not include the rogue wolf, evil entity, beta wolf determined to destroy her, and the fact that Corliss and Liam have just defied the alpha, which may mean certain death. Corliss will have to use all of her strengths to prove that she is more than capable at handling the alpha's son and anyone that stands in her way.

Healer's Fate is a fantastic novel. Beth Caudill tells a story with a voice that is smooth, entertaining, and leaves the reader wanting more. I love how Corliss believes in herself, even as others do not see how strong she really is. Liam is so funny with his alpha ways, trying to dominate Corliss with his overpowering ways. This is a great book to read and any paranormal fan would be happy reading about these wonderful characters.

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